USA Waterski - USA Water Ski, the official governing body of water skiing and all its sport divisions - wakeboarding, collegiate water skiing, disabled water skiing, kneeboard, ski racing, barefoot, 3 event, ski flying, ski jumping, and the pro-circuit.
AWSA Eastern Region - News and information about 3 event competition waterskiing in the Eastern Region. Competition schedules, results, and MORE
AWSA Midwestern Region - Comptetition, region, state, and jr. development information.
AWSA Southern Region - Tournament and skier information, along with news and photos.
AWSA South Central Region - Site contains information about each of the ski sites in their region, tournament schedules, judges, and tournament results.
AWSA Western Region - Tournament schedules, records, skier ratings, jr. development, news, and more.
Skifly - Water ski 's home on the net for slalom, jumping and other water skiing sports
Wisconsinn Water Ski Federation - Website for the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation. Aslo the provider of server space web site.
Waterskiing / Wakeboarding - Home Page - The starting place for exploring waterskiing and wakeboarding, as well as other boat towed sports.
Aquaskier - Water Sports Resources - Website dedicated to the Water Sports scene providing Waterski and Boating Links, Free Photo Classifieds, Free Web Based Email, News, Articles and Information. - new slalom video, "Slalom with Andy Mapple", co-hosted by Gordon Rathbun. - Roberts watersking and wakeboarding website.